McGregor Industries

By keeping to a set of core principles that include expertise in design, marketing, global sourcing and distribution, American Essentials- a subsidiary of McGregor Industries- continues to grow and today is part of three subsidiaries:

  • American Essentials — The United States of America
  • American Essentials International — Europe, South America, Mexico, Middle East, Asia and Oceania
  • McGregor Socks — Canada

Global operations are carried out from four different offices located in Toronto (Head Office), New York, London and Hong Kong.
The team is comprised of highly qualified personnel, agents and distributors. Each employee plays a role in implementing a long list of category management services including; seasonal buy plans, plan-o-grams, inventory analysis, in-store servicing and product knowledge.
The international sourcing network spans all major legwear manufacturing countries, including U.S., U. K., Pakistan, Japan, China, Italy, South Korea, Vietnam, Turkey and Portugal, to provide a breadth of high quality socially compliant sources and unique materials to satisfy diverse global product requirements.

Sales & Distribution

McGregor Industries’ extensive international network of sales and distribution is divided into four regions: Canada, U.S.A., Europe, and Asia/Oceania.